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The Pursuit of True Wealth

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We assist our clients in their pursuit of True Wealth.

  • The Pursuit of True Wealth

    Get the total package to help you manage every aspect of your financial life, with checking, savings, and investment accounts.

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  • True Wealth

    Clients who regularly carry larger balances can benefit from private checking, money market, loans, and investment accounts.

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  • Idaho Trust Bank

    This suit of accounts helps you protect your money and use it to make more, combining private checking, CDs, investment and trust accounts.

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  • Banking Services

    Put every aspect of your business to work with this bundle of accounts. With checking, savings, loans, payroll service, and even a retirement option.

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  • Wealth Management

    At Idaho Trust, we know that attorneys have special needs. This package of accounts includes checking, client trust account, and more.

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  • Planning

    You wouldn't settle for one medicine; why settle for one account? This comprehensive alternative helps you manage your money while planning for the future.

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