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Cash Management

Cash Management

Streamlined. Cost-effective. Time-saver.

There are three terms every business loves. Idaho Trust's comprehensive suite of cash management tools delivers all three and then some. ACH services, payroll programs, sweep accounts, and more are the core services that keep your business moving full steam ahead.

  • Customize which online cash management tools you need
  • Streamline accounting
  • Increase efficiency in accounts receivable and payable
  • Reduce time spent by employees
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) services
  • Make and receive electronic payments
  • Reduce costs and waste of paper checks/envelopes
  • Direct deposit of employee payroll to any bank
  • Initiate own wire transfers
  • Sweep Accounts
  • Link business checking account to earnings account*
  • Establish balance thresholds to maintain
  • Excess funds automatically sweep to earnings account
  • Increase profits by maximizing all funds
  • Funds automatically sweep back to checking if needed

*Funds are swept into account of overnight repurchase agreements, which are collateralized government securities. They are not FDIC insured.